Jordan Salazar

Full time Web magician, part time human being

I'm a 28 year old webdeveloper living in Amsterdam, born in the US. Looking to take your product to the next level.

  • Email:
  • Phone: +31(0)639759056
  • Born: 31-10-1992

I'm a driven craftsman, specialised in architecting and developing products from concept to MVP and beyond. Future-proofing projects with the best practices of today such as Automated Testing (BDD/TDD), Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure Monitoring. With a passion for finding the right tools for the job.

Primary skills

  • Orchestrating and developing advanced web applications and (micro-)services (Laravel,Node.js)
  • Creating and connecting seperate software systems through API's and managing data flows (REST,GraphQL,Web/Sockets)
  • Engineering next-gen user interfaces with Javascript and modern web technologies. (ES2020,Typescript,React,Redux,CSS-in-JS,SCSS)
  • Developing and maintaining cross platform mobile apps (React Native)
  • Setting up professional engineering pipelines (AWS,Docker,CI,CD,sh)

24i media

Freelance React Native Developer

Tech used: React Native, React Native Web, NextJS, lerna

Part of the core team realising the next-generation flagship product of 24i, a hyper cross-platform React native app. Specialising in the web platform. Played a key role in the migration to full server side rendered react-native-web.

06-2020 — 12-2020


Freelance React Developer

Tech used: NextJS, Contenful, React, styled-components

With the design being finished as we started, we managed to pump out a statically exported covid dashboard, hooked up to a headless CMS with full control of the content and pages being generated, in only 2 weeks. Thanks to an amazing lead dev and quick and decisive action by 3 senior frontenders.

04-2020 — 05-2020

Jongens van Techniek

Freelance Fullstack Developer

Tech used: Laravel, jsonapi, React, Apollo, Azure, Postgres

Part of the team of freelancers tasked with rolling out an MVP of their project EasyOffice. Moved seamlessly between the frontend and backend repositories, as features required and was personally responsible for delegating results of QA to the development team.

12-2019 — 04-2020


Lead Developer

Tech used: Laravel, Vue.js, React Native, Redux, Express, Ionic

Landed a large project besides my already fulltime work schedule and started a company to realise it. Quit my day-job (NoProtocol) after a few months of going way over 40 hours to preserve my sanity. From there we continued running projects with two partners and several interns.

Here I had the unique position of being the instrumental architect that was also in direct contact with the client. Uncovering requirements, managing expectations, creating the technical roadmap towards a future-proof product and dividing the work amongst myself and the other developers.

Our crown jewel was a Laravel admin panel which received webshop products from our React native app and forwarded them to the clients existing Magento instance. It enabled workers on site to register products with domain-specific tags and properties which were also usable as filters for the webshop consumers.

Another of our greatest projects was automating a temp agency for the food service industry. It included a 4 step application process for employees through an Ionic app. The Laravel administration panel registered assignments which linked employees with hirers for hourly registrations. Invoiced hirers for every hour worked, generated a monthly excel file which was automatically forwarded to a web service by the payrolling system which paid employees, and much more.

04-2016 — 12-2019


Fullstack Webdeveloper

Tech used: Laravel, Vue.js, Vuex

At NoProtocol I started as a supporting minion to the lead developer of the Laravel system and grew into having technical ownership of the project over several months when the lead left. Building all updates to the site, enabling new campaigns and general maintenance. After this I built a google maps powered store locator for AirMiles, several ad campaign sites for Coca-Cola and a PWA for Nationale Nederlanden.

01-2015 — 04-2016

Bored of Advisors

Developer Internship

Tech used: Angular.js, Titanium Appcelerator

Prototyped a Titanium app, programmed a robot arm and built a few SPA's in Angular.js.

06-2014 — 12-2014

React, Redux, Vue, Vuex, Express

JS is my oldest friend and the go-to language for anything general purpose. Started my career using Angular.js and SCSS, these days I'm all about component based architectures, unidirectional data flow and CSS-in-JS.

On the server I've set up microservices and monoliths. REST API's and socket based messaging endpoints. Written scripts to combine and manage frontend assets (pre-webpack) and developed things as a video-overlay generator with node-ffmpeg.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

Laravel, Symfony, PHPUnit

PHP (Namely Laravel) is the first choice for cut and clear web applications where an opinionated framework is the first choice. Intimate with Laravel's best practices and feature rich ecosystem.


Emotion, styled-components, SCSS

Whether you're building static pages or component based javascript apps, CSS is an essential player. Mastered most of its inter-browser quirks, animation based complexities and best practices for setting up and managing large amounts of css.

GNU + Linux

ArchLinux, Debian, Alpine, bash, zsh, fish, Docker, Git, Vim

Full time GNU + Linux user for 3-4 years. When working with thousands of text files, libraries and packages, theres no better environment to do what you need. Confident writing deploy scripts, managing multiple servers and debugging system related issues.